Username Password encryption

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Hi, I have integrated the okta widget in my angular application. This is my npm module used@okta/okta-signin-widget: ^5.16.1 and have added the code. For the login process have simply called the showSignInToGetTokens function with all the necessary configurations of okta to have this widget but when I click on submit button on my UI page for login the username and password goes in plain text which I want that to be encrypted and not finding any solution any support will be really appreciated . Have added a sample screenshot for the same .

Like most sites, user credentials are sent back to Okta via HTTPS, and this is what is securing the connection. If a bad actor is able to see decrypted HTTPS traffic for a user/device, this is likely the least of their problems…

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Actually the reason is i have use the okta widget in my angular application and in the network of my application it is seen in clear text which shouldn’t be seen. So that’s the reason I want a solution for this and even it goes to okta via HTTPS but in my UI application its seen.