Users can't reset their passord. Can't find self-service password reset

HI Everyone. I’m currently having trouble trying to enable users the ability to reset their passowrd. I found other atticles but I can’t seem to find the self-service password. I was going to create a support ticket but its asking me to sign in and I can’t because when I created my okta acocunt I used google sso and it doesn’t show up

It does show up when you’re trying to sign in into a applicaiton.

Any suggestions?

So the user in question has their credentials with Google, they weren’t created in Okta directly? Is it that they are trying to reset their Google password, or are they having trouble getting into Okta itself.

PS, are you using a Classic org for this, or an Org on Identity Engine (as my answer for how to get the Google button to show up will differ)? If you’re not sure, you can hit If the pipeline is v1, its a Classic org, but if its idx its an Identity Engine org