Using an existing Okta portal to authenticate to


I am building a custom application for the college I work for (NHTI) and I want to use their existing Okta portal login to authenticate users into this app. I am assuming I can do this but all examples seem to show creating a separate Okta account and using that. I want to use the existing CCSNH login and then redirect back to my application. I’ve done something like this using an existing CAS.

Can anyone point me to how to do this?


Michael Cressey, Associate Professor

Hi @MECressey this is bread and butter. You’d login to the admin portal, navigate to Applications > Applications then click Create App Integration. Then just pick the type of integration (SAML, OpenID, etc) and jump through the hoops.


Hi Adrian,

I assumed that it wouldn’t complicated but I just couldn’t find any documentation on it. Unfortunately, I am not an admin for the group at my college that is responsible for Okta but perhaps we can get this done.