Using Identity Server to Log into Okta

We have an Identity Server which handles login/cookies/tokens. Basically a Vue app redirects to the Identity server app and the user puts in a username/password then HttpContext.SignInAsync is called to log in the user. After that the Redirect method is called to call the return URL which is /connect/authorize/callback?client_id= etc…

so That all works…so now I’m calling Okta and do the Challenge call and I can log into Okta and on return I can see my User, Claims, etc and IsAuthenticated is True. So still all good…i figured im signed in so i shouldnt have to call SignInAsync so i just redirect. I expect Identity Server to recognize i’m logged in and Vue will be called but what happens the Redirect calls the same login page i used and since the user is validated it trys to Redirect again and again etc…so curious if anyone knows how to resolve this.