V1/token okta return 401

Hi All, please help me i’m new be with okta, the moment i’m implementing SSO with Okta, but i have the problem below

and the configuration

but after okta callback to my app and then i call
.then((tokens) => {
tokens.forEach((token) => {
if (token.idToken) {
oktaAuth.tokenManager.add(‘id_token’, token);
} else if (token.accessToken) {
oktaAuth.tokenManager.add(‘access_token’, token);
it’s alway return 401, i dont know what happen with it, any suggestion for me thanks

Check that xhr error, it complains about your client_id. Is your app SPA or uses authorization code? What is the call made to Okta (check network tab)? You application configuration in Okta is a bit messy, please forgive my French. Normally you would only need 1 type checked, but you have 4…