What are the API rate limits for an OIN Service Integration App?

How do they compare to the rate limits for a custom API service app that’s installed via the App Integration Wizard (AIW)?

The settings for a custom app allow you to specify the per-api rate limits of the app, but when I install an OIN Service integration, I’m not able to configure rate limits for it. The OIN Service Integration Docs don’t mention anything about rate limits, whereas the custom app docs have a section for them.

Hmm, I don’t see any indication that this type of limiting for Service apps is possible if they’re from the OIN.

If you haven’t yet, I definitely recommend filing an Okta Idea for this enhancement, it would make sense to me to be able to throttle requests being made into your Org by your Service Provider.

Thanks for the response!

Does that mean that an OIN-installed Service App automatically gets allocated 100% of the global rate limit for an organization? or more specifically if I have an OIN app that makes a bunch of requests to say the okta /api/v1/apps/* endpoints, would it eat up the global rate limit and cause other apps accessing the /apps endpoints to stop working?