What comes after successfully setting up a dev app and testenv?

Forgive the newb question as I’m just today starting down the okta road. I’ve successfully, despite the documentation!, managed to get both the custom login and okta login flow working in a local angular 10+ app. The next step for me is to try and now implement okta into an existing angular 10 app.

What comes next in terms of setting up the issuer and client id? The dev account/app has the testenv file, but I will need to use environment variables for dev, qa and prod for my project. So what happens to those settings?

Any other tips and advice welcomed. Thanks.

See the Okta Angular SDKs usage documentation: GitHub - okta/okta-angular: Angular SDK for Okta's OIDC flow

Or this blog post might help: Build Secure Login for Your Angular App | Okta Developer

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Thank you. The blog post proved to be quite useful.