What happens if you delete an Okta OIDC App?

Previously I have run into a long data cleanup process in the Okta Dashboard Profile Editor when deleting a custom profile attribute that was in use by every user in my Org. The only impact I observed was that I couldn’t recreate the attribute of the same name (which I wanted to do to change the type from boolean to string) until the data cleanup was finished. Are there any similarly expected impacts when deleting an oidc app that is assigned to everyone in the Org? Does deleting the app cause any data cleanup?

There wouldn’t be a data cleanup process similar to what happens when updating an attribute within the Okta User Profile. After deleting the application, it wouldn’t prevent any future updates to the Okta org. The application would be deleted immediately and the associated policies and rules on the settings and authorization server would be updated to no longer include that specific application.

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