User Unassigned from Application Workflow

I’m working on a few workflows for an application that has no Okta integration. The workflows are currently set to trigger on a user being assigned to or unassigned from the application.

When a user is assigned to the app, there is a workflow that runs an api call to create the account. This returns an ID for the user that was created in the system.

My first attempt stored the data in the user app profile, but I ran into an issue on the User Unassigned from application workflow. Since the user is no longer assigned the application, they no longer have an app profile so I can’t retrieve the data.

We are currently using CSV as master for user Okta profiles. Would it be best to create a new field in the user Okta profile to store this data? That way it does not disappear when the user is removed from the application.

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to save on unassign event? And for what purpose?

We are trying to save what would essentially be the external ID. The system we connect to assigns the user a number and that number is what needs to be referenced to deactivate the account.

Would also be needed to re-activate the user account as well.

It seems that the user account profile in Okta gets deleted immediately, so trying to use a app profile attribute to deactivate them isn’t working. It disappears before the workflow can get it .

Yes, I think it would make sense to write the ID value to the Okta user profile so you can reference it later. That way, even if the user gets deactivated and reactivated in Okta, they should still have the value so you can reactivate their account in the downstream app. Hope that helps.

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