When using a direct link the Okta App functions correctly despite encountering an unknown authentication strategy SAML in other scenarios

We have OKTA based SSO integration in our system. This integration is working fine for over a year now. Recently we have started encountering an intermittent issue while logging in from inside the Okta app dashboard to our app. When we try to authenticate the session using passport js. Passport js throws this error Error Unknown authentication strategy saml. If the user is directly logging in from our admin panel url, then the user is redirected to OKTA and flow works fine.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create the new app by logging into the admin user.
  2. Pass all configurations in the app.
  3. Assign the app to the user.
  4. Click on the finish button.
  5. Now login from the above user.
  6. Click on the newly created app, User should be able to access our app, but its throwing above error intermittently
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