Where is com.okta.scim.server.service.SCIMService?

Hi everyone,

I’m new in the Okta development world and I try to develop Okta Scim Connector. So I downloaded the Provisioning Connector SDK then I followed this guide : https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Provisioning/opp/OPP-build-SCIM-using-SDK.htm
But it seems there is a probleme with the com.okta.scim.server.service.SCIMService interface (step 6), I can’t find it in the exemple folder or anywhere else.
So what should I do? Get this interface and all packages somewhere else or I have to develop this interface but in this case, where can I find all packages ?

I hope you can help me.

Thank you.

Sorry for my poor English

Hi Yann, did you download the Okta Provisioning Connector SDK from the Admin dashboard? You can find it under Settings -> Downloads.

Hi Warren,

Yes, I downloaded it.
For me the problem was not the SDK but I think it was the Okta documentation, because I was able to move forward by skipping a chapter.
By following the documentation : https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Provisioning/opp/OPP-create-SCIM-connectors.htm I was able to unlock myself and now I’m in the testing phase.

On the other hand I still don’t understand the first chapter: https://help.okta.com/en/prod/Content/Topics/Provisioning/opp/OPP-build-SCIM-using-SDK.htm

Thank you for your answer.

Have a nice day.