Why isn't there a guide to getting started with the forum

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how to work with devforum. Your documentation has a lot of guides to help newbies, but the single most important newbie guide is missing (or at least I didn’t find it): a GETTING STARTED WITH devforum.okta.com. Because I had started on a guide (Blazor WASM) that had me create a developer login, I later assumed (incorrectly) that I should use that login when trying to contribute in devforum.okta.com. Nope. I tried the OKTA creds supplied by my organization: Nope. I finally had to track down our company’s Okta rep to get logged in. All of this would have been avoided with a simple Getting Started with Devforum guide.

This is good feedback. Thank you @joelrhall! If we were to add such a guide, where do you think it should go and what guides should link to it?

It should be the very first guide on the home screen.

When you say home screen, do you mean developer.okta.com?

Yep. Put it where it is the very first thing people see.

Thanks for the feedback! We just pinned a ‘getting started in the forum’ post to the top of the feed. Looking into a guide on this as well!