How does a new developer login

The mere fact that I got completely confused trying to create a new (free) developer account for the service that offers identity management service (Okta) is rather funny. Here is what I did so far:

Visited the page at and clicked on the “CREATE FREE ACCOUNT” button. Then I provided the information requested by the form at As a result I was assigned rather weird “identifier” Okta URL:, which seems to be the admin ID for my future needs.

Since I provided the name congral as my company name, it seems that I need to login at This is where I am confused, as no matter what I try to use as my id (username or email address) followed by my previously defined password, I am denied access. Attempts to reset the password via email, also fail as I never get the email to the address I initially provided.

Can anyone please bail me out? As you can see I was able to get the access to this forum without a hitch, so something ought to be different in the process of getting Okta developer account.

You should be able to login to your account at

I tried to use this URL - it results with the prompt for the username (note that I was not given the chance to set the username) and for password (which I defined initially, to get the url

What are my ‘username’ and ‘password’ in the context shown below?


  • If I use nikolaj.ivancic (or as username, the authentication fails
  • If I click on Forgot password - nothing happens (I do not get any email with a link to enable password reset)

The username should be the email you signed up with. The password is something you’ll set after receiving an activation email. If you didn’t receive one, it’s probably in your spam folder or you mistyped your email. You can always create another account if you think that’s the case.

Thanks. @mraible - you are correct, and I am not a good observer. I did receive the activation email which indeed states what is my username and defines the temporary password to be used once. That email looks so “shabby” (small font, many empty lines, etc) that I missed how there is a password defined and the link to page where I should authenticate myself.

Very grateful for your patience :smile:

Hello, again. @mraible

You would seldom encounter someone as dumb as I seem to be: your explanation on the use of the activation email allowed me to log in using the temporary password given - and I immediately changed it to the new password. Right after that, I had to leave town for a 4-week trip and as it happens, I forgot to save my new password.

Today, I tried to log in again for the first time, so I had to use the “forgot the password” link. As expected, I got the email stating:

A password reset request was made for your Okta account. If you did not make this request, please contact your system administrator immediately.
At this time your password can only be reset by an administrator. To send them a request, go to your Sign-in Help page. Then click the Request help link.

The problem is that I am the administrator for this account - and I do not see how can I help myself.

Can you bail me once more, please?

At this point, it might be easiest to just create a new account on I believe you can use the same email for multiple accounts.

Many thanks, Matt - I was approaching that same solution you mentioned, so knowing that it is worth trying to re-use the same userID, makes it even better.

Added a bit later: it is true that I can create a new account using the same userID (email address) that got hosed. Unlike a month ago, the Okta organization name is derived from my domain (taken from my email), instead of some “invented” name; I would think that this could be the reason for my inability to restore my password.