You don't have any apps

When an account is created in okta and user logs into okta then following verbiage is displayed to user on the main dashboard.

“You don’t have any apps. Please contact “Admin Email” for assistance.”

There is a button to Add Apps.

Can we hide this message or can we display our app that we created in okta admin panel? Because it is very confusing to users when they log in to okta and see this message. Is that possible to inform users that your account is created and you can now login to application.


What is the app that you created? Is it an internal tool for your employees, or an app for your customers?

We need to understand more about how you are using Okta before we can provide recommendations.

When I login to okta admin panel then there is an area for Application. There I have created an application. Please see the attached image.

I am working on a project where I need to authenticate the users so I am using okta for this purpose. There is login button in my project which redirects the users to okta login page. Users put their credentials and then users are redirected back to my project’s dashboard. So first I created an application in okta admin panel. Application image is attached above. I have also created a group in and assigned the application to that group. Now whenever an account is created in okta and user logs into okta then following verbiage is displayed to user on the main dashboard.

Is that possible to display the Application that I created in admin panel or hide this message?


Hi @fmuhammad,

If you want to redirect a user to your application after account creation/activation, see the discussion on this thread - Redirect to Login or Application After Activation
There are useful hints on how to activate the user and redirect the user to your custom application instead of the okta dashboard.

So, is there any customizing this message? Can the email address be updated at least?

Asking for a friend.

Yes @cgos, you can customize the activation email using the email templates. See

You can also use a custom email domain. See -

Hope this helps your friend. =)

Thanks @vijet, but do either of those options update the text that is shown in the application portal when a user does not have any applications assigned (as in the image attached above)?

Oh… I’m sorry. I thought you were looking to customize the activation email.
Unfortunately I don’t think you can update the text shown in the application portal.

@cgos In your case, when do users end up on the Okta dashboard? Are you intending users to end up in your application instead, or do they need to log into Okta first and find the chiclet button for your app?

The majority of folks navigate directly to the dashboard and choose the button for the app they need.
Some folks are not on any teams that have apps setup, and see this message (then occasionally become confused about what is supposed to be happening).

Ah, makes sense. I’m not 100% sure it can be changed, but I’d try emailing just in case.