All registered apps have been deleted?

I am hoping Okta support will chime in. I have a dev/test (free) account with you all dev-172437. I logged in today after a few weeks and all the app registrations that I had in there are gone.

Can someone from support tell me what is going on ?

If you go to Applications > Applications, you don’t see anything? Are you sure you’re using the right account? You can use the same email for multiple accounts.

This is what I see. I was able to find them under the admin menu, but that initial page is scary.
The add apps only takes you to published apps, put in the store by 3rd party providers.

I hope you all can make a change that custom apps (non-marketplace) show up in the main page, and it doesnt say that you have no apps.

OT, btw: love your jhipster stuff.

We’ve made some changes recently to consolidate our Admin Console (for workforce identity) and our Developer Console (for customer identity). We’re now calling it the “Okta Admin Console” and there are some developer-friendly things that went away. We hope to bring them back mid-April. I’m not sure if defaulting to this page vs your apps page is one of them.

I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of JHipster! :nerd_face: