400 Bad request error with Flask

Hi All,

I am getting the following error:

Description: The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be an absolute URI that is whitelisted in the client app settings.

  • I made sure to include my redirect URIs on the client_secrets.json file.
  • I added the @oidc.require_login decorator to my route function.
  • I included the Login redirect URIs on the dev-admin
  • I made sure I have no forward-slash issues with my URIs

What am I missing?

When you see this error, the redirect URI it’s trying to go to will be in your address bar as a parameter. Make sure the value of that parameter is listed in your Login redirect URI settings in your Okta app.

This is what I am getting in the URL:

I tried to add it but nothing has been changed and I am still getting the same error

EDIT: I was missing the “callback”, all good now.

Do you still get a 400 error about the redIrect URI or is just a plain 400 error? For plain errors, I’ve found that happens when I have an invalid issuer or client ID.