The 'redirect_uri' parameter must be an absolute URI that is whitelisted in the client app settings

Hello trying this tutorial

And I’m getting what seems to be a typical problem with people starting out, but none of the solutions i’m seeing are working for me. Hopefully someone can help see where I am going wrong.

“web”: {
“client_id”: “1…2”,
“client_secret”: “1…2”,
“auth_uri”: “h://dev-1…”,
“token_uri”: “h://dev-1…”,
“issuer”: “h://dev-1…”,
“userinfo_uri”: “h://dev-1…”,
“redirect_uris”: [

app = Flask(name)
app.config[“OIDC_CLIENT_SECRETS”] = “client_secrets.json”
app.config[“OIDC_COOKIE_SECURE”] = False
app.config[“OIDC_CALLBACK_ROUTE”] = “/oidc/callback”
app.config[“OIDC_SCOPES”] = [“openid”, “email”, “profile”]
app.config[“SECRET_KEY”] = “1…2”
app.config[“OIDC_ID_TOKEN_COOKIE_NAME”] = “oidc_token”
oidc = OpenIDConnect(app)
okta_client = UsersClient(“h://1…”, “1…2”)

in my app settings in Okta my “Login redirect URIs” is set to “redirect_uris” above in my client_secrets.

Not sure what else to try.

Thanks in advance



I have just found this, not sure if it is gonna solve your problem (and mine) but I will share my results.



I am getting this error too and my code is just have you @JLC have stated above. I also verified that my redirect_uris link in the client_secrets.json file match the application ‘Login redirect URIs’ from the ‘General’ tab->general settings->Login section. Feel like I am close as my logo shows up in the header of the bad request page, but not working still.

Hi, did you manage to fix this?

Hi @miyoro

Please check out the article available here in order to resolve this issue.

I’ve been following the article and have made sure that my URIs are exactly the same (I have even copy-pasted)

Hi @miyoro

Can you please send us an email to to have this issue further investigated?

The Url that comes up when making the request shows the rederict URI as

Any help will be greatly appreciated…

Okay, sending an email now.

If anyone else gets stuck like me, the solution was to convert the url to lowercase as that is how it was being passed in the redirect URI.

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Can anyone please help…i am new to OKTA and Angular.

I am getting above Error…please find below my redirect URL Settings in console:

Here is the request :


I see that the URL redirects now successfully to the login page. Is the issue resolved?