400 Bad Request redirect uri

I’m trying to add a login for my node.js website. I used this tutorial:

When I try to log in I keep getting the 400 Bad Request page. I’ve seen a few others who asked about this and made sure my redirect uri in my app.js is the same as in the okta application. I still get this problem. Is there something else I’m doing wrong? What can I do to fix this?

If you look in your address bar when you see the 400 error, you’ll see the redirect URI parameter that being passed. Does that help?

I figured it out. Thank you. Used a different uri and finally got it to work.

But now im trying to sign up using the login/sign up page for my wedsite and I keep getting this. Idk why

Figured out the sign up problem I was having too. I had a custom field that I wanted to require. Removed that and it works now

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