Adding custom fields to signup form

Looks like I’m hitting some sort of bug.

My intent is to add a custom field to signal whether the user who filling up the signup form represents an individual or a corporate.

After some struggling, I was able to create a custom field called “is_corporate” and my intention was for it to be a boolean.

After creating the field, adding its label, etc. The new field shows up in the form, but with an empty label, and a default value of “undefined”… this is less than ideal because people filling out the form would have no way figuring out what’s going on.

Would it be possible to properly format the registration form to include the label?

Hi @fobispo,

I was able to reproduce this bug, and have filed an internal bug for the development teams to look at. We don’t have an ETA on the issue yet.
One workaround I can suggest is to instead use a customString instead and convert the string yes/no to boolean in your application, if possible.
Something like this -

Thanks for notifying us about this issue. We will try to get it resolved soon.
Hope this helps.

Thank you for looking into this,

We’ve added a post-registration form in our app so we can customize the form in the mean time.

One last thing, while trying to remove the field from the profile, if the field is required on the signup form, it fails, however, the error message is less than helpful as all I was getting was a L10N_ERROR[event.dispatchError], which probably means that the error was not added to the localization framework.


Does anyone have any idea what this means? I am getting the same error when attempting to remove a custom attribute that has been marked as required.

I was getting this error, and it turns out that my custom field was being used in the signup form. Make sure that your CF is not referenced anywhere and then try again. The error seems to be related to the localization of the specific error.

Thanks @fobispo,

Steps to resolve:

  1. Navigate to Users>>Profile Editor
  2. Clicked Profile button for Okta User (default) profile
  3. Navigate to custom attribute & click edit button
  4. Uncheck “Attribute Required” and save
  5. Remove all mappings of custom field specified in Application user type profiles
  6. Navigate to Users>>Registration >> Edit
  7. Remove custom field from “Registration Form” section
  8. Delete custom field specified in all Application user type profiles
  9. Navigate back to Users>>Profile Editor>>Okta User (default) profile
  10. Remove custom field

Have you figured out a way to add a custom dropdown field to the Registration form?

Ended up doing it in the application itself, first time the user logs in, I collect the additional fields and moved on… it would be awesome to do it within Okta, but unfortunately can’t wait for the bug to be fixed.