Angular MVC - A Primer

Angular MVC - A Primer

This tutorial shows how the Model-View-Controller pattern is achieved (in an MVVM way) in Angular.

Ramiro Carvalho

I found this tutorial to be excellent for learning the basics of front ending with Angular. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to write it!
Since I wanted to visualize the relations between the many classes, I took the chance to build an UML class diagram showing almost all the contents of this page. At first it appears a bit complex but you may ignore the whole left and right columns since they are both libraries.
The “app” package is the one who shows the solution architecture and if you are not familiar with UML, just follow the following clarifications:

- Each rectangle is a class;
- Each rectangle with a tab on top left is a package;
- A continuous arrow link is a reference to another class (an enclosed field typed by that class);
- A dotted arrow link is a type dependency;
- An arrow link with white triangle tip is a class derivation.

The StarUML project for this diagram is available upon request since I didn’t find a way to attach it here.