App login message

After authenticating a user, when Okta redirects to the app, it shows a message 'logging in to '. Is there a way to change/hide this message and show just the loader?

Hi @tbhasme

You can hide the message through the interstitial settings. The option is available under Admin >> Settings >> Customization >> Okta Interstitial Page >> “Disable the interstitial page for custom applications”. If you are using the Developer Console administrative interface, you can switch to the classic interface by hovering over “Developer Console” on top left and switch to “Classic UI”.

If you don’t see the option in your admin panel, please reach out to Okta Support through an email at and request the feature OKTA_INTERSTITIAL_SETTINGS for your Okta tenant.

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The above solution is not working in my case. I Disabled the interstitial page but i still see it.

Hi @satvallu

What type of SSO flow are you using from Okta’s side to access the application? SAML, WS-Fed, OIDC?

Hi @dragos, thanks for helping out.
we are using SAML flow.

Hi @satvallu

Can you please open a support case with us through an email to in order to further investigate this configuration and assist you in fully disabling the interstitial page?

@dragos Sure i will do that. thanks