Browser Configurations that Cause Issues

Do you have documented somewhere what are some top browser configurations that could cause a user to not be able to login utilizing okta-signin-widget and okta-auth-js?
For example, we have users that can login using Edge but some cannot with Chrome. They have the latest versions of the browsers. Also, large majority of users can login with all browsers, but we really want to guide those that cannot.

We know that system clock can cause an issue - if its outside the maxClockSkew. What are some browser specific configurations that can also cause issues for our customers?

@jchabot86 3rd party cookies could be one reason for browser settings issue. Here is the article.

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Thank you - and we are aware of that one as well. Are there user environment configurations that could cause issues?

@jchabot86 It depends on what is the exact issue you see. To check browser environment issue, you may also test in a new incognito window.

An example of a recent issue someone experienced is
OAUTH_ERROR: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

So the library gave the customer an OAUTH_ERROR but we have no idea why.

Unfortunately our customers are out in the wild, and we do not have direct access to their browsers or PCs. That is why I’m asking if we can get an understanding of common browser configuration issues, such as the 3rd party cookies you recommended.

@jchabot86 Then this needs debugging in the code. Which Okta sdk you are using?