Can you upload private applications?

Hi, I have this application but I don’t want to make it available for everyone in the App Catalog. It is a paid application that only our customers can use. Is there some way I can make the app private and only available for my customers who use Okta?

It is possible to publish private applications that would only be visible to your companies registered Orgs.
I do not know if it is possible to publish an application that will be visible to Orgs outside of your company where you provide some sort of allow list. Pretty sure not.

Typically published applications also include integration instructions that you would provide. A customer that installs your app from Okta would also need an account for your integration where you provide that particular customer some form of credentials/token. So even though any Org would be able to view your application in the Okta catalog, installing it would be of no use until they register an account with your service.

It might be possible to do what you are looking for though, I suggest reaching out to They will be able to give you the details of all the different possible submissions.


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to privately share an application with other Okta Orgs. This is something we are considering for the future, so. it’s good to know about your interest in it. No need to contact oin@okta.

If you manage the other Okta Orgs, you can use what we call a multi-org pattern. Some more info on that here and you can ask specific questions here. Multi-tenant solutions | Okta Developer

In the meantime, you can instruct your customers to create a custom application in their org and give them the details they need to do that. It’s also possible to automate that using the Okta apps API although the customer will need to authorize your access to the API. It might be more access than they are willing to give to set up a single app. Apps | Okta Developer

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I’ll add that another option is to publish the application for everyone and have some stipulation in documentation that you need to be contacted to purchase before the application can be used. Sometimes SSO requires contacting a support team, etc. Maybe that’s an option for you?

Thank you for your answers.

So just to make it clear… if I want to provide Okta SSO for my customers and I don’t want to make it fully visible in the App Catalog, that isn’t possible yet? Is that understood correctly?

That sounds correct. As a general customer; what is the reasoning to not allow the SSO integration to be available for the wider userbase? There’s no additional security, and no access would be granted unless they have an instance of the app they already use…so why?