Configured SAML for different domain paths

We have IDP-Initiated SAML setup for an application called Appian.

Appian has different sites (eg.,, etc.) and we like to create a different Okta application tile for each of the sites. Currently I can only point to the default Appian home page and don’t see an option anywhere to redirect a user to a specific part of the site.

Is there a SAML template or something that’s available? Any suggestions?

Are you trying to initiate the flow from the SAML IdP and have the user land on or Are the sites just URLs are also sites that require sign-in (e.g. SAML)?

They would require a sign-in. Same credentials used throughout the sites. If they are logged in or they can access the (other) sites depending on their permissions.

Basically we will have multiple tiles on Okta with the same configuration/settings for each site except the destination URL path.