Customise PreSubmit for Okta Hosted Page Sign Up

I have added a custom attribute - IsPosted (boolean) for user profile

I would like to capture user input for this option but when I added it to Profile Enrolment, it is showing as a input text field.

Are we able to set the attribute thru hooks? I tried something like this but no effect.

        oktaSignIn.on('preSubmit', function (postData, onSuccess) {
            postData.userProfile.IsPosted= true;

Any nice workaround would be good too. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


When you created this attribute in the Universal Directory for the user profile are you sure it was created as a boolean?

If so when adding it as an option in profile enrollment you should see an option to add it as a radio button or checkbox.

Thank You.

Hi @erik, I am not seeing the same screen as you do. Could you advice is it due to some feature not enabled?

Profile Variable

Enrolment Settings

Enrolment Settings - Edit Rule

Sign Up Widget

If when you navigate to Security > Profile Enrollment and you edit a policy it doesn’t look like the below, I suggest opening a case with support and ask them to check the features set for your Okta Org.

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Thanks. Able to see the new form after PS team have enabled the features from backend.

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