Device Activation Page Customization

Is it possible to customize the text shown on the page that the device activation uri lands on once the user has clicked Activate “signin/device-activate-complete”. The current text is:

Device activated
Follow the instructions on your device for next steps

You can customize the text shown on the page that appears after the user activates a device. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Access the Okta Admin Dashboard: Log in to your Okta Admin account and access the Okta Admin Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Device Activation Page: In the Okta Admin Dashboard, go to “Security” > “Device Trust” or the relevant section related to device activation or registration.
  3. Edit the Custom Text: Look for an option or setting that allows you to customize the text on the activation page. Okta typically provides a text field or a rich text editor where you can enter the desired text.
  4. Save Changes: After you’ve entered the text you want to display on the activation page, save your changes.
  5. Test the Activation Page: To ensure that the customized text appears as expected, test the activation process with a device to confirm that the updated text is displayed.

By following these steps, you can customize the text on the device activation page to meet your specific needs.

Thanks, unfortunately under the Security menu on the dashboard page I cannot find anything that seems to be related to Device activation. The options are General | HealthInsight | Authentication | Multifactor | Identity Providers | Delegated Authentication | Networks | Behavior Detection | Administrators | API. I’ve explored each of those and cannot find what you are referring to.

Unfortunately, the device activation feature mentioned above does not exist, my apologies. I can look into suggesting it to our developer team, if necessary.