Difficulty enabling self-service enrollment with Identity Engine

I just recently joined the hackathon and I have registered for a developer account.
I have been following the documentation on the Identity Engine and while trying to setup Enable self-service enrollment under Security, I do can not fine the Profile Enrollment link. This as well as other inconsistencies.
Please can anyone help me out.


@clinton20 please try following these instructions to Identify You Okta Solution. I think you may have registered for Classic Engine Org

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This is what my dashboard looks like and my dashboard version is Version 2021.08.2 C. How can I change it to show E?

@clinton20, on the to-do list in on the hackathon page on devpost. The last item is a link to register for Okta Identity Engine Limited edition.
You can also use the linke Okta Developer

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Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 10.25.43 PM
All good now.

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