Self-service registration Not working in my angular application

Hello there,

I have a problem in the self-service registration. When i click on “Sign-Up” link i get a blank form that is supposed to be the registration form, and i get the following server error in the console 501 “Unsupported operation”.

I’ve followed all the steps in different Okta documentations but still getting the same error. Can you help me with this PLEASE !

Under Security → Profile Enrollment, please ensure that you have a Profile Enrollment Policy created that is assigned to your application and has Self-service registration set to Allowed.

Yes i did allow the Self-service registration but still not working. i don’t know why

Hi @chch and @louie,

I am also getting the same issue. Did you fix this issue already?


If you are using Okta Identity Ending, I recommend reading through this doc to make sure you have everything set-up correctly (you can ignore the SDK related portion, if you’re not using one of the ones listed): Self-service registration | Okta Developer

I also have this issue,
have checked:

Login Screen is working correctly but when click on sing up got error:

Tested with official .net sample and also with react spa. signup flow doesn’t work :
501 with
“errorCode”: “E0000060”,
“errorSummary”: “Unsupported operation.”,
“errorLink”: “E0000060”,
“errorId”: “oaeNXUVpZC6TWScJGi-3-cbWQ”,

From your screenshot, it looks like your widget is hitting the Okta Classic Registration endpoint. Did you confirm whether your org is on Okta Classic or Okta Identity Engine? The steps to enable registration vary between the two engines, so you always want to confirm which one you’re on before looking through our guides (which will indicate if they are specific to either engine).

If its on OIE, you’ll want to review my previous post: Self-service registration Not working in my angular application - #5 by andrea

Could you explain what the problem or reason for this issue?

As mentioned in the article I linked to, this means you have an Identity Engine org.

In which case, you do NOT enable features.registration (this feature is only applicable to Okta Classic orgs) in the widget code and instead you need to follow this guide: Self-service registration | Okta Developer

I’m currently implementing a signup flow for a React/SPA or .NET web app widget. I’m uncertain about its availability. Can you provide more information on this.

You don’t need to enable anything in a self hosted widget to support self-service registration in Okta Identity Engine. The configuration is entirely controlled within the org settings.
Here are some docs that discuss Profile Enrollment: that I recommend you read through:

So, i found this sample that works as Web app .net
But could you provide React SPA updated sample that will work with in-app sing up with similar flow?

As hinted at in my previous response, the React sample app (using an embedded widget) already supports this flow out of the box, as long as your org is configured for profile enrollment

The most important thing to remember is that, if you are using an Okta Identity Engine org, you MUST ensure that USE_INTERACTION_CODE is set to true in your environment variables, as mentioned in the readme for the sample I referenced above. Please ensure you’re reading through our documentation and sample guides to confirm that your use case is supported and that you have completed all configuration steps within Okta AND the application.