Self-service registration Not working in my angular application

Hello there,

I have a problem in the self-service registration. When i click on “Sign-Up” link i get a blank form that is supposed to be the registration form, and i get the following server error in the console 501 “Unsupported operation”.

I’ve followed all the steps in different Okta documentations but still getting the same error. Can you help me with this PLEASE !

Under Security → Profile Enrollment, please ensure that you have a Profile Enrollment Policy created that is assigned to your application and has Self-service registration set to Allowed.

Yes i did allow the Self-service registration but still not working. i don’t know why

Hi @chch and @louie,

I am also getting the same issue. Did you fix this issue already?


If you are using Okta Identity Ending, I recommend reading through this doc to make sure you have everything set-up correctly (you can ignore the SDK related portion, if you’re not using one of the ones listed): Self-service registration | Okta Developer