Sign-up widget problem


I’m watching an older tutorial that’s using Okta. I can’t seem to find the “Self-service registration” panel anywhere. How do i enable the sign-up widget to my login widget?

Edit: This is what happens when I click the sign up panel on the login widget.

Edit2: Self-service registration | Okta Developer
This link didn’t help either, i followed the steps.

Have you set up an Enrollment Policy? You don’t need to enable anything special in the widget code itself to turn on registration, you just need all the policies set up in the admin console.

I just added my app to the default policy and configured this

Just to clarify, the versions of okta angular and okta signin widget used are 3.0.1 and 5.2.0 respectively, because the tutorial is from 2020, does that affect this in any way? I don’t know how to code it for the current version if it’s any different

Mm… from what I remember, v5.2.0 should be high enough for for the new OIE functionality to work, though it wouldn’t hurt to jump to an even higher minor version (highest is 5.16.1 and likely contains some fixes specific to the Identity Engine flows). Can you make sure useInteractionCodeFlow is enabled in your widget and that you do not enable the registration feature (that’s only needed for Classic orgs)?

This guide will likely help: Upgrade your widget | Okta Developer

is useInteractionCodeFlow a feature like registration? I mean it goes under ‘‘features’’? Like this:

Edit: Unfortunately, this didn’t work. Also, the “Need an account? Sign up.” appears only if i set registration to true. Tried with the 5.16.1 version.

useInteractionCodeFlow is a level higher, and is not within the ‘features’ object but directly in the OktaSignIn, as in this example: Embedded Okta Sign-In Widget fundamentals | Okta Developer. You do not need to enable the registration feature if you are using an OIE org, enabling interaction code flow (both in the widget config and in your application settings in the admin console) and having an enrollment policy for the application in used should be sufficient.