Getting Error with SignIn widget integration of Signup form

We are using Embedded signin widget, login form is loading properly but when we click on Signup it is giving us below error


{“errorCode”:“E0000060”,“errorSummary”:“Unsupported operation.”,“errorLink”:“E0000060”,“errorId”:“oae_BZhZqC0ST2CB9iwpX-vIQ”,“errorCauses”:}

I went through the documents but not able to find what we are missing in Configurations.



It sounds like your Okta Org might be a new Okta OIE Org which no longer support Self Registration in favor of Profile Enrollment, see here.

Setting up profile enrollment policies.

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@erik We already configured Profile enrollment policy for Application, but still it is not working.

We are not able to know which step we are missing. For now we are trying to use a simple form with Email, Password, FirstNAme and Lastname fields.


Make sure that you are not setting the registration feature/options in the config of the embedded widget.
With Profile Enrollment all configuration will be done on the Okta Org side. Once configured correctly the sign up link will be displayed on the widget without any specific widget configuration.

Adding the classic widget registration feature flag will cause the widget to behave as if it is a classic Org and make a call to a register route which does not exist in OIE Orgs.

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@erik Thanks for the update.
We had to change few settings after that is started working fine. Like updated JS versions and pkce is set to true in widget config.

We are able to register and login now, but I am not able to get idToken in form post. While I am getting interaction_code and state query string. Can you please guide me to generate idToken from interaction code or I need to do something else for this.

Hi @m.kumar31

If you have not already had the opportunity you might want to check the below guide for the embedded widget with OIE,