Does FREE and Developer Edition include SCIM provisioning

Hi I’ve a FREE and a Paid Developer account.

I’m trying to figure out if SCIM provisioning integration for apps is allowed / included.

At current it’s not easy to me to figure out the EXACT features included in each environment.

I want to manage my applications with SCIM and it’s not a problem to go to Developer but it’s not clear what’s exactly included. (Maybe I’m missing a comparison matrix).

Thanks in advance.

I try to re-ask this:

  1. Is SCIM / Custom Provisioning available to Developer Pro accounts ?
  2. Is LDAP integration available to Developer Pro accounts ?

This should be easy to answer by so far I’ve had no answer.

This is something that we need to make a little clearer, if you signed up on for a free account, that is actually a trial of enterprise, which will include SCIM and LDAP.

Both of these protocols are not in Developer Pro, but require enterprise.

I’ll work with the team to make sure this is clearer on the pricing and feature pages.