Enable custom TOTP factor for my organisation

Hello Okta devs!

as noted here

  • If Custom TOTP is not already enabled for your org, contact Okta Support to enable it.

I looked for the “contact support” button/link everywhere but couldn’t find it.
So I came here and found the Okta support’s email address.
I wrote an email to support@okta.com with my Okta instance URL, so I guess that will do. Is there anything else I need?

As the “site feedback” part of this topic - I suggest adding the email address somewhere in the API docs.

I know I will get a response by email in a day or two, but I think it’s good to keep this topic here for anyone else who comes to forums after reading the docs.

Here’s the process for how to reach out to Okta Support (we need to confirm certain information before enabling things in your org and we do this via our support cases): Okta Help Center (Lightning)

When I try clicking the “Open a case” button and choose my account, or try logging into the help center, I get this error:

Can you help me with this?
My account is:

@andrea Please answer, this is really important for me and my organisation.

I reached out on the support case that you created, they should be able to help you.

Thank you for answering and contacting them.
How or where can I track their response, or status of my ticket?

If you cannot access the Help Center to look at your cases in our support portal, you still should have gotten an email on Feb 11 that the feature was enabled.

@andrea I did receive an email but the TOTP is not yet enabled.
I don’t see it in the list of factors

Can you continue following up in the support case? There’s not much I can do directly to assist on this one and its not a feature I personally interact with all that much, but the support engineer assigned the case should be able to assist you.

Okay, sure, thanks for contacting them in the first place.
Anyways, I think that the problem with opening the contact support page should be solved, so please forward that to somebody.