Filter out Deprovisioned Users with a not equals fails 400 bad request

I’ve a general question on the filtering of users.
I’ve an api call where I get all users in my Okta instance with (calling from postman): but I want to filter out Deprovisioned users and return all the rest so I tried:

Without the urlencoding: gt "2021-09-30T00:00:00.000Z" and status ne "DEPROVISIONED"
But this fails with a 400 bad request.

I know you can do a status eq "ACTIVE" or status eq "STAGED".

My question is why does ne (not equals) give a bad request but eq (equals) works?
Seems like I’ll need a string of status eq XXX or ... for all status except the one I want to filter out.
Is this correct?
This doesn’t seem very maintainable if there is a new status introduced, I’ll need to manually update my api calls that filter on status.

Filter status api doc section: Users | Okta Developer
Filter condition api doc section: Core Okta API | Okta Developer

Hmmm, unfortunately this does look to be the case. The note in the filter docs states:

Note: The ne (not equal) operator isn’t supported for some objects, but you can obtain the same result by using lt ... or ... gt . For example, to see all user agents except for “iOS”, use (client.userAgent.os lt "iOS" or client.userAgent.os gt "iOS") .

I tried filter=status lt "DEPROVISIONED" or status gt "DEPROVISIONED" and doesn’t look like it’s supported either.

Thanks for the reply Cale, would it be worth adding? At the moment I have added below as a work around but it’s messy and hard to read (this is post urlencoded).

I’ll mark your answer as the solution.

I certainly think so - no one should have to read/write that atrocious URL!

Certainly not a bad submission for Okta Ideas.

Glad you found a workaround.

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