Getting 400 error while performing SSO to Okta application from Azure AD

Hi All,

I am facing issue while trying to achieve Azure AD - Okta federation use case.
Describing it further:

  1. I have created a Okta application in Azure AD.
  2. Configured the application and updated the metadata which is created in Okta for Azure SAML authentication.
  3. While I am testing the application from Azure AD, I am getting 400 (Your request resulted in an error. Error Code: GENERAL_NONSUCCESS) error.
  4. I have tried to configure the Provisioning as Automatic in Okta application created in Azure but getting invalid credentials error for valid tenant URL and security token which is created by super admin user.

Can any one please help here to achieve this set up.
I am trying with populating various user mapping but no luck. Whether I am missing something here !!

This is the message I received from Azure AD, " Azure AD successfully issued a token (SAML response) to the application (service provider). If you still can’t access the application you need to contact the software vendor and share the information below." and received the SAML request and response. But not finding any error there.