Help me understanding pricing for my usage

Dear friends,
I have one Okta developer account and one App created. I am using 3 Identity Providers for now and later I may add more Identity provides (idp option)
The number of users in my Okta organization will be less then 1000. However, the number of users sign in using Idp might be little more.
Note that I am not going to publish my app unless mandatory.

On the pricing page Pricing | Okta it says for Developer edition $0 for upto 1000 MAU.
Does this count the users which sign in using third party Identity Providers ?
I want to understand the costing associated with this scenario.

Can anyone help?


Hello Kiran,
I recommend contacting the Sales team for more clarification.

My initial thought would be even if users sign in via another IDP, Okta still creates a user profile for them. So it would still count as an active user. That is just a guess, you should reach out to sales for clarification.

Hello @erik ,
I wrote to sales for the clarification.
and yes, I can confirm that your below statement is true

I observed this, when I tried to do a login with external idp and okta created that user profile in my account so definitely this is increasing a user count.


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