How do I require a birthdate and country to be filled in during the registration?

I can see in my developer console that there are two profiles. Okta profile and an app’s profile. The app’s profile has those fields already predefined. So obviously I want to make use of app’s profile in my app but it looks like it’s only using the okta profile with its fields.

The question is: how do I make Birthdate and country required to fill in? And how do I change those fields using the .net Okta sdk?

  1. what type of application do you use?
  2. required at registration or when?
  3. “those fields” - user profile or app profile?

My apologies for a late reply.

  1. My front-end is a VueJS app
  2. Yes, required at registration.
  3. App profile I suppose since those exist only there.
  1. during registration you ask user to fill in “user profile” attributes, so you would need to tag those fields as required ones
  2. your OIDC application doesn’t need to define additional fields for application profile, unless you want to have them different somehow from user profile fields with the same information type
  3. based on #2 you can just use the regular user related SDK to alter user profile (if required)