How to activate the self-service registration functionality?

Hello, I would like you to activate the self-service registration functionality, I only need it to present my university project, which has the registration/login/logout functionality, I am implementing everything with Okta.
Investigating a bit about the functionality, in the forums I have read that an administrator is needed to enable this functionality.
If it could be enabled, I would like you to provide me with documentation on how I can implement the registry with Angular.
Thank you very much in advance for your excellent service.

As long as you are an admin or can ask and admin to complete the pre-requisite steps, you can get this up and running following this guide: Self-service registration | Okta Developer.

Make sure that the org you are using is compatible with this guide. Newly created and upgraded orgs will be able to follow this guide, and you can confirm if the Okta org you are using will work if you go to https://oktaDomain/.well-known/okta-organization. If pipeline says idx, then that guide will work