How to add custom checkbox on okta

Hi Okta Team,

In my okta form i am using remember me checkbox, i need to know is there any way i can add one more checkbox like remember me in the same form like adding custom buttons.


@electron360 Hi, remember me should be a FF enabled by default in your sign in widget. You can refer this sdk and try to check the available FFs.

Please check the functionalities for button customization.

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Out of the box, the widget doesn’t support adding additional custom checkboxes, but you can do it with custom code and use jquery or similar to insert the checkbox into the widget yourself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to dig up any samples that have done so, but I will note that any time you want to inject something into the widget like this, we recommend using afterRender, to ensure the widget has completely loaded before you attempt to make an addition.

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Thank you Lijia and andrea for help.