How to create Signup and test SAML SSO?


How to create Signup and test SAML SSO using email id for instead for office email?

Hi Joseph,

Could you provide some more details about what you want to accomplish? I think maybe you are trying to use the user’s email address as the login for the email application, instead of their Okta username?



I need how to use angular 16 for Okta libraries ?

I am using this version “@okta/okta-angular”: “^6.3.2”,

but I can’t use following methods

await this.oktaAuth.signInWithRedirect({ originalUri: ‘/’ });
await this.oktaAuth.signOut();


I need update this related package

The Okta Angular SDK is designed for OIDC integrations, not SAML. Okta does not have any SAML SDKs, but we list some third party libraries here: Build a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration | Okta Developer

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