How to integrate Okta SignIn widget and SAML SSO with a AngularJS 6?

I’ve been trying to implement Okta SSO using SAML with my AngularJS 6 using the Okta Sign-in widget.
After providing the user name and pwd on widget login page it is showing message like…
“Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection.”
So kindly success me.

Hi @sachin

Usually this error occurs because of the CORS configuration. Please make sure to add your hostname (eg. http://localhost) in your admin panel under Security >> API >> Trusted Origins (or API >> Trusted Origins if using developer console interface) with both CORS and Redirect options enabled.

If this is already done, can you please provide the error message that is generated in your browser’s javascript console?

Hi @dragos,

I have already done with CORS and Redirect option. It is working fine. Now, i want to change the the authentication mechanism from OpenID to SAML using the same Okta sign in widget. But, looks like I am unable to find proper documentation or examples where I could get some reference. First of all I would like to know whether is it possible to do so? or not.
Kindly help me out.

Hi @sachin

The Okta Sign-in Widget currently supports only OpenID Connect. In order to use SAML, the best solution would be to use a third party plugin.

Hi dragos,

Is any document to implement SAML through C# .net . Please heap me.

Hi @sachin

We don’t have any documents on implementing SAML in C#, however you can check out one of the third party tools mentioned under “SAML Toolkits” section here.