I dont see CIBA feature on my free Okta Developer Edition organization

I signed up for a free Okta Developer Edition organization.

As per this article Transactional verification using CIBA | Okta Developer I need to do below.

  • The CIBA feature enabled for your org. From the left navigation pane in the Admin Console, go to Settings > Features, locate the Transaction Verification feature and slide to enable.

I dont see Transaction Verification feature in my list of features.

Did Okta rename the feature, if yes what is the new feature called?
Free account does not support this feature?


If you pull up the URL,

Does the pipeline show idx or v1?

It shows “pipeline”: “idx”,

Full response
“id”: “00o9fjgx89sUtKELp5d7”,
“cell”: “ok12”,
“_links”: {
“organization”: {
“href”: “https://dev-41739923.okta.com
“pipeline”: “idx”,
“settings”: {
“analyticsCollectionEnabled”: true,
“bugReportingEnabled”: true,
“omEnabled”: false,
“pssoEnabled”: false


You will need to create a support case to have this feature enabled for your Okta Org so the option will be visible.

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