IE 11 Doesn't load Angular 6 app and redirect to Sign In Widget

I am having trouble getting my angular 6 app to load in IE 11.

All I see in the console is this error:

script1002: Syntax Error
vendor.js (72426,1)
class ConfigurationValidationError extends Error {}

Any ideas why it doesn’t redirect me to the SSO widget?

Does it work in Chrome and Firefox? What about Edge?

I just tested the other browsers and they work. Edge, Firefox and Chrome both load properly. Any ideas as to why this is happening in IE 11 and how to resolve this?

No, I do not know why it doesn’t work in IE11. In my opinion, IE is a dead browser with no support or security patches from Microsoft. It’s risky to use it. From

As a developer, we tend to bend to the wishes of our customer. In this case, this is actually causing the problem.

It is your job to also inform your client/customer that the decision to support IE 11 is a very short-sighted one.

Well, IE 11 is the browser they use. So, I need to find a solution. I cannot tell them to not use this browser.

In that case, I’d recommend entering an issue in the Sign-In Widget’s GitHub project and providing steps to reproduce the problem.


In case this is still an issue for you I found that this provided the solution for me: Can't get session with the Widget or JS Auth SDK on IE11