IE6/7 compatible Okta login page

Hi there!

We’re trying to implement saml based auth with Okta. Some features of our application run on windows handheld devices “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Windows Phone” that are not capable of displaying the current version of Okta signin page. It just displays blank.
Emulating IE7, I see that the console logs an error -

SCRIPT5009: ‘JSON’ is undefined
File: okta-sign-in.min.js, Line: 82, Column: 17481

  1. Is there a version of different widget that would work with older browser version, we just apply that to a custom login page for the application.
  2. Would you rather recommend that, we build a simple login page on the front end and perform authentication on the server side with the credentials. Would rather avoid this path
  3. Some other more secure option?


Hi Amit,

I think you may be out of luck on hoping #1 to happen:

IE as a whole is in single digit percentage wise, and IE6 would be a small fraction of all IE versions.