IE Mode support for SAML Logon pages

Hello OKTA Team,

I am from F5 and part of the Team that works on Edge Client (VPN Client). I am reaching out to understand if Okta continues to support the IE Mode for SAML logon pages. As you know Microsoft is deprecating IE as a browser but continues to support Trident rendering engine(IE Engine) till 2029. In Edge Client we use Trident engine to render the SAML logon pages when authenticating user with Okta. Looking at below Microsoft articles this should work as long as the website(Okta logon pages) supports IE mode. Could you please let us know if you continue supporting IE mode? Or is there plans to drop the support? Thanks in advance.

If you would like to know more context around this question, below Microsoft links should be helpful.

As per above articles IE mode should work until developers drops the support for it. Please refer to Microsoft FAQ ’ According to below articles IE11 should work until the website drops it. We can refer to ‘ 'What does this announcement mean for developers?’ in above article.

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Hello OKTA Support Team,

Could you please respond to my question above?


If you want to talk to support, I recommend opening a support case instead.