Importing custom attributes with User's Schema Discovery

We have a preconfigured application template that we want to enhance with user’s schema discovery. Our understanding of user’s schema discovery is that it will allow the user to import custom user schemas to provide the ability to use these attributes for their users and push them on create and update operations to our application for provisioning.

We have only found references to this on application-specific documentation, however, it is unclear from your documentation how we can support the same functionality for our own application. We have submitted support tickets already but they are not familiar with this functionality.

How can we support user’s schema discovery for our own application and how does it work?


For applications that are installed in your Okta Org using the Application Wizard, any extra profile attributes that you want would be created manually in that applications profile and mapped back to the Okta user profile.

For applications that will be installed in the Okta Integration Network (OIN) there is a way to setup schema discovery. For more information on setting this up for an OIN application please contact

Note all documents for integration hosted on are OIN applications.

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