Initiate Login URI for all subdomain URLs


Is it possible to initiate login from all subdomain URLs of an application/site?
We have a URI set for the initiate Login which works fine, however, if we navigate directly to a sub URL of the domain, it does not redirect to Okta to force a user to login.

Initiate Login URI: - navigating here takes user to Okta to authenticate

Subdomain URL: - navigating here takes user to application page but without any user information as no user is authenticated. Expecting it to take user to Okta to authenticate as well.

How can I do this?


Okta only uses the initiate login URI when Okta needs to initiate the login.

This sounds like you want to initiate the login when someone visits your application. Okta will not do any validation against the initiate login uri in this case.

Are you using any okta integrations that are protecting your routes to your application?