InResponseTo does not match any AuthnRequest error when device is rotated during login

My Android app hosts the Okta login page via a WebView, which makes separating data and UI lifecycle tricky. If the user gets as far as sending out an Okta Verify notification and verifying, and then rotates the device before authentication has fully completed such that the host WebView is destroyed while a login attempt is in progress, they are presented with the following error when they next try to log in:

Authentication Error Please contact your enterprise administrator. Incident ID: c8509f0667124d40a307ed75df0c6d14SubjectConfirmationData::InResponseTo does not match any AuthnRequest. Please notify your administrator to check the relevant configuration on Identity Provider.

Any idea how I can fix this issue? It only comes up in this very specific flow, so I don’t think it’s an account misconfiguration issue. I assume the Okta site is storing a stale success state from the login flow that was aborted by the device orientation change, and the next login attempt tries to use this stale data; not sure how I can clear this state via WebView.