Redirection to okta after correct authentication

for my Angular 16 application, I use Okta’s widget (okta-signin-widget) to authenticate a user.
I installed the following dependencies via npm:
@okta/okta-angular”: “^6.3.0”,
@okta/okta-auth-js”: “^7.4.3”,
@okta/okta-signin-widget”: “^7.12.2”
It’s an application to practice doing web projects. My okta domain is:

I followed the documentation, and the steps which are very simple:
Create a new app integration
In Connection method I chose OICD - OpenID Connect
In Application Type, I chose Single Page Application
Next, in New Single Page App Integration:
The name of the application, then in Grant type: I checked Authorization Code and Refresh Token
Then in Login redirect URI: http://localhost:4200/login/callback
In Sign-out redirect URIs, referring to the home page of the Angular application, therefore http://localhost:4200
Finally, I checked Allow everyone in your organization to access
I left “Enable immediate access with Federation Broker mode” checked
Then I saved
When I connect with the bonss identifiers I am systematically then sent to okta, which means that I have to enter the identifier and password twice.
I cannot resolve this problem which is extremely frustrating. What didn’t I understand?

Are you seeing an error? What requests do you see being made to Okta when you get stuck?

In console I don’t get any error messages.
I don’t encounter this problem of redirection to Okta and double login with the Chrome browser.
On the other hand, on Safari the problem is systematic, which is very annoying because Safari is used by 1 in 4 people.
This problem makes for a very unpleasant user experience, as nobody wants to enter their authentication information twice in a row.
To help you help me, I’m going to describe step by step what I’ve done in terms of configuration via these screenshots, which I hope will give you some pointers.
For the settings I simply followed the documentation, I didn’t do anything special.

Apparently I’m limited to 5 image uploads in one post so I’m going to make several posts.


In the Reports => System Log section of the control panel, here’s what I get when I log in with the same user (e-mail address and password) first on Chrome, then on Safari:
Connexion via Chrome:

Connexion via Safari: