Integrating okta into existing web app with multiple auth schema

I have an existing web application that im hoping I can integrate with okta for some set of users, The main point of contention is that my web app has a custom built authentication middleware. Is it possible to use the multi-scheme authentication where for few users it would be authenticated with OKTA and others with the internal auth scheme in already built custom modules.

Thanks In Advance.
Hoping to get some suggestions on how to fit in this multi schema authentication approach with our existing structure.
Any hints towards Okta documentation or write-ups that talk about how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Benny! Interesting thought - Do you imagine handling logic where you know which users need to be (re)directed to Okta and which don’t? You’d of course need to decide on how these users are registered in Okta, probably assigned to an application, etc. I’m unfortunately not aware of any sort of documentation on how to specifically achieve this.

You can find the different technologies Okta supports here - Most have pre-built samples you could leverage in order to test in your own environment. You might also be interested in our docs on signing users into a web app.