Replacing user authentication procedures for Okta

My company is looking to migrate from using a customized user verification system that’s been outdated for a while to a solution involving Okta. The old verification system built on .NET MVC would serve as a method of authenticating users and provide access to our web platform depending on the role the user profile had. The company provides services to Businesses and Individuals alike with each user type having their own dedicated business portals. Both types require different information when registering, and currently both are segregated as our system handles them according to user type.

My team wanted to know if a couple of points so we can have an idea on how to make progress.

  • First, we wanted to know if there was a resource or guide that details the steps on migrating users to Okta that come from Oracle databases available, since our users all reside in one.

  • Secondly, if we could use one tenant hosted on Okta that could be able to store accounts for both Individual customers as well as Corporate employers customers in a single Okta tenant while still being able to have a distinction on the type of user being registered, or is requiring different information at registration limits what can be stored in one tenant?

  • And lastly, we saw some snippets of C# code that had some method attributes from Okta that served as authorization blocks limiting access to pages. We want to know if we can have the authentication made with Okta while retaining the authorization with data stored in our database for each of the clients through the use of said method attributes.

This is the first time anyone at our company would work with Okta, so really any bit of information helps!